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ABOUT US - A Few Words on Our Past and Present

We officially began our manufacturing activities in 1985. That was the year when we convinced the Communist authorities to issue us a permit for the production of a limited quantity of composite windsurfing masts. Despite our humble beginnings - the whole project was a side activity alongside the founders´ main employment - we were first in this field in the Czech Republic, and we contributed to the blossoming of the new sport of sailing.

At the beginning of nineties, we expanded our manufacturing and business activities, and legalized them under the new laws by obtaining an entrepreneurial license. We gained access to high-quality composite materials - ones that just a few years earlier we had never dreamed of even seeing, because they came from abroad - and to prepreg technology, which together gave us a strong foundation for developing and producing our tubes.

Listed below are our most successful products, both in terms of quality of design and performance on the market. Every one of these products is based on composite tubes.
  • Poles for lightweight current collectors for trolleybusses
    (development and operational testing made possible by Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s., the Brno public transit authority).

  • Kits for the maintenance of overhead high-voltage distribution lines, sold first under the trade name ENERGETIK, and later as POWERMAN 98 SL
    (developed to order for the power distribution company Jihočeská energetika, a.s.; operational testing in cooperation with Jihomoravská energetika, a.s.).

  • POWERMAN Hot kits for live working on the lines
    (cooperation with and testing performed at the high-voltage research lab EGÚ - laboratoř vvn, a.s., Praha).

  • Fuselages for Sojka pilotless aircraft
    (for the company AVEKO s.r.o.).

All of our products are highly valued both in our own country and abroad for their high utility value, maximum operational reliability, combination of low weight and high strength, and, last but not least, their quality of design and execution.

At present, we can offer our customers the following advantages in the field of high-strength tubes:
  • technical aid during the development of components or entire products from glass-carbon-Kevlar®-epoxy composite tubes,

  • the production of prototypes, including mechanical and electrical testing in accordance with European standards,

  • short-run and series production, with short production deadines,

  • products of exceptional quality and reliability, as good as any produced abroad.

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