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This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.


to the home page of LOPOUR a syn, s.r.o., Czech Republic. Our company has been specializing in the production of high quality composite tubes since 1985. We focus not only on producing these tubes as an intermediate product, but also - and in fact above all - on developing, producing and delivering complete technical solutions and products based on these tubes. A number of these solutions and products are even patented.

Our composite tube production is based exclusively on prepreg technology. The materials we use are advanced composites of glass, carbon or aramid (Kevlar®) fibres and epoxy matrix. They excel in their high mechanical strength, and yet they are light in weight. Furthermore, glass fibre reinforced composites display unexceptionable insulating properties, which are fundamental for electrical applications.

Our product range is composed mainly of products for the power and electrical industries, traction vehicles, aviation, sports, etc.

Limited liability company established - LOPOUR a syn, s.r.o.

Since 1.1.2004 our company has transformed into company LOPOUR a syn, s.r.o. (similar to the legal status Ltd. or GmbH). There is no any change with respect to the contact persons or our business activities. Please contact us for new invoicing details at info@lopour.cz.

Lightweight Current Collectors for Trolleybuses LTS

The lightweight current collectors for trolleybuses enable increasing the maximum vehicle speed while the risk of de-wiring is significantly lowered. When using the lightweight collector the wear of carbon inserts and all load bearing parts of current collector is considerably reduced.
At present, LTS current collectors are being installed on new trolleybuses produced by Czech company Skoda Ostrov Ltd.: the 14Tr, 15Tr, 21Tr and 22Tr types. Current collectors on older vehicles are being replaced with composite poles and the new collector head type.


Our company has taken a part in the International Fair of Fire Fighting Equipment PYROS 2004 in Brno. There we have presented our product FIREMAN useful especially in those cases when it is necessary to perform an action at the elevated levels without a need of using costly equipment (e.g. aerial platform) and in the places not accessible by this equipment. more info >>

A new tool - Switch Head - specially designed to enable the turning off and on of operating disconnectors, cut-off, and change-over switches on overhead lines as well at switching stations. The fully equipped POWERMAN Hot kit has become an indispensable tool for line maintenance crews! more info >>

At the international workshop on icing IWAIS 2002 (organized in Brno, Czech Republic) we successfully presented the POWERMAN Hot kit to the experts from all over the world. The kit is well equipped for mechanical de-icing of overhead power lines. more info >>

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