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Tubes for Electricity-Related Applications

  • insulating tubes for transformers´ coil windings

  • insulating rods for high-voltage disconnectors, cut-off and change-over switches, etc.

  • elements with high dielectric strength, capable of transmitting even high mechanical loads

Tubes for Aviation

  • fuselages for ultra-light aeroplanes, extra stiff glass-carbon-epoxy composite

  • load bearing and supporting skeleton components for hang gliders made of mixed glass-carbon or pure carbon fibre composites

  • custom-developed elements

Ship masts and booms

  • masts, booms and other structural components for sea yachts

  • masts for windsurfing products: glass or a carbon-glass mix fiber composite, mast parameters can be adapted to customer´s needs

  • extra-light elements with high flexibility for use under extreme conditions

Tubes for a Variety of Other Uses

  • tubes diameter from 10 to 140mm,

  • a one-piece tube with a length up to 4600 mm

  • conical or cylindrical shape

  • tubes with excellent strength-to-weight ratio for application where the classical materials do not satisfy the demands

  • design, development, testing and manufacturing of custom-made tubes

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