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FIREMAN-T /Telescopic/

NEW! First introduced on the international fair for firemen PYROS 2004!

The pole of the FIREMAN-T kit consists of the six (FMT 8,2) or four (FMT 5,5) telescopic tubular section (TTS). The tubular sections are locked together by the means of the locks with the spring-loaded pin. The pin locks the sections together so they are securely fixed against the disconnecting or rotation. The tools are inserted in the tool head that is integrated in the top tubular section of the telescopic pole.


no. designation max. length [m] weight [kg]
FMT 5,5 4-piece telescopic pole with locks 5.5 2.3
FMT 8,2 6-piece telescopic pole with locks 8.2 3.8

FIREMAN-T (FMT): Examples of pole assemblies with the tools
FIREMAN-T: Examples of pole assemblies with the tools


no. name / description / application standard
set-up of the kit*
5,5 8,2
1A Halberd Hook / hook-spike combination / manipulation, tearing down x x
1B All-purpose Hook / pulling down, shaking down    
1E Halberd Hook small / multifunction tool x x
2A Rake for Pulling / pulling objects closer   x
2C Plain Scraper / stainless steel / plaster removal from walls   x
2D Toothed Scraper / stainless steel / ice removal x x
3A Sorbent Shovel / perforated, adjustable / use on ground or water surface    
3C Sack for honeybees / bee or wasp trapping    
3D Mechanical Extinguisher/ strips of leather / final extinguishing    
5A Saw 380mm / tree pruning x x
5B Pruning Shears / cutting branches up to 34mm diameter    
6A Adapter M12/30mm / for additional tools    
6BT Reduction / for tool attachment directly to tube no. 4 of the telescope   x
6C1 Spring-hook with Rope 12m / for pulling 1A by additional person   x
8E User's Manual x x
9C1 Tool Bag small / max. 5 tools x x
9C2 Tool Bag large / 2A, 3A, 3C   x

Working tools and accessories


type designation name max. pole
length [m]
max. pole
weight [kg]
FMT 5,5 FIREMAN-T 5,5m
(4-piece telescopic pole with locks)
5.5 2.3
FMT 8,2 FIREMAN-T 8,2m
(6-piece telescopic pole with locks)
8.2 3.8

The set-up of the kits is marked in the table of tools & accessories, standard kits are equipped with the items marked (x).
Apart from above mentioned standardly equipped kits it is possible to select any pole/tool set according the individual customer requirements (custom kit).

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