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This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.

FIREMAN /Sectional Poles/

The FIREMAN (FM} pole consists of the cylindrical (C1.5 to C2.5 and B2.5) or conical (T2.5) tubular sections that are made of the special epoxy-fibreglass composite (laminate). This material excels in high mechanical strength, and yet it is very lightweight. Furthermore the composite is coloured throughout, it is not water absorbent and its surface is smoothly enclosed, therefore, it is not necessary to cover it with a painting. Tubular sections have unexceptionable mechanical and dielectric properties.

The main component of the pole is the top section T2.5 that integrates the tool head on its top end for fittings the tools. It is possible to make the pole as long as necesary by using the additional tubular sections (C1.5 to C2.5 and B2.5). Joining the sections is made by the insert and the joint is secured by the double spring pin. Therefore, the coupling of the sections is reliable and fast, without necessity to use any tools. The pole extension is possible by using the top telescopic tube 4E that integrates the tool head as well.


no. name length [m] weight [kg] standard kits
FM 6 FM 8,5 FM 10
4A Top Telescopic Tube 1.15 0.45 x x x
T2.5 Top Section 2.5 1.05 x x x
C2.5 Middle Section 2.5 1.20 x x x
C1.5 Above-bottom Section 1.5 0.90     x
B2.5 Bottom Section 2.5 1.40   x x

FIREMAN (FM): Examples of pole assemblies with the tools
FIREMAN: Examples of pole assemblies with the tools


no. name / description / application standard
set-up of the kit*
 6  8,5 10
1A Halberd Hook / hook-spike combination / manipulation, tearing down x x x
1B All-purpose Hook / pulling down, shaking down      
1C Hook to Lift Conductors / lifting up the conductors     x
1D Hook for Pulling / pulling objects closer      
1E Halberd Hook small / multifunction tool   x  
2A Rake for Pulling / pulling objects closer     x
2C Plain Scraper / stainless steel / plaster removal from walls   x x
2D Toothed Scraper / stainless steel / ice removal     x
3A Sorbent Shovel / perforated, adjustable / use on ground or water surface      
3C Sack for honeybees / bee or wasp trapping      
3D Mechanical Extinguisher/ strips of leather / final extinguishing      
5A Saw 380mm / tree pruning x x x
5B Pruning Shears / cutting branches up to 34mm diameter      
6A Adapter M12/30mm / for additional tools      
6B Reduction / for tool attachment directly on the pole sections C or B     x
6C Spring-hook with Rope 15m / for pulling 1A by additional person   x x
7A Base-cap / for enclosing pole bottom end x x x
7B Base-cap with Spike / to make easier erecting of longer pole by one man     x
8A Lifting Rope / to make easier erecting of longer pole by one man     x
8B 4 Straps / to bind the tubular section together      
8C 2 Rubber Straps / for transport (on a car roof rack) x    
8D 2 Spring Pins / spares      
8E User's Manual x x x
9A1 Case for Tubular Sections/ medium size / max. 5 sections      
9A2 Case for Tubular Sections/ small size / max. 2 sections x    
9B1 Container for pole sections diam.125mm / max. 4 sections     x
9B2 Container for pole sections diam.125mm / max. 4 sections   x  
9C1 Tool Bag small / max. 5 tools x x x
9C2 Tool Bag large / 2A, 3A, 3C      

Working tools and accessories


type designation name basic pole
length [m]
max. pole
length* [m]
max. pole
weight* [kg]
FM 6 FIREMAN 6m 5.0 6.15 2.7
FM 8,5 FIREMAN 8,5m 7.5 8.65 4.1
FM 10 FIREMAN 10m 9.0 10.15 5.0
* including the top telescopic tube 4E

The set-up of the standard kits is marked in the tables of tubular sections and tools & accessories. Standard kits are equipped with the items marked (x).
Apart from above mentioned standardly equipped kits it is possible to select any pole/tool set according the individual customer requirements (custom kit).

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