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The Tenth International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures.
Brno, Czech Republic, 17th-20th June 2002

Although IWAIS is an international workshop that is intended to the topic of atmospheric icing in general, the majority of conferees is focused on the issue of icing on the overhead power lines. It has been already for second time that our company has taken part in the workshop as an exhibitor. For the first time we attended IWAIS in year 1998 (see below). This year we have presented POWERMAN Hot kit to the experts from all over the world. The kit is, beside the other tools, equipped for mechanical de-icing of overhead power lines. During the workshop technical visit we have presented this product in field, on 22kV line close to power substation (see pictures). The POWERMAN kit has attracted great interest and was appreciated by the experts as easy to use, well-equipped and high quality equipment for work on the lines.

Official home page of the workshop to be found at http://www.egu.cz/iwais/iwais.html

The picture can be downloaded here (2Mb) as high-resolution digital photo for printing or you are welcome to write us and we will send it to you by return.

IWAIS ´98 - The Eighth International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures
Reykjavik, Iceland, 8th-11th June 1998

We have attended the IWAIS workshop in year 1998 for the first time. We have presented the kit POWERMAN 98 SL (the antecedent of POWERMAN Hot). The product has convicted the experts from RARIK Island state electricity so far that they have equipped their line maintenance crews with POWERMAN kits. The kits are successfully used there for de-icing during several icing storm up to these days. de-icing gallery >>

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