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This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.

  • Set of Hooks: optimum choice gives the best performance, shaped especially for shaking down the ice accretion. De-icing Hook Short also minimises the risk of phase-to-phase short circuit.

  • Ice Scraper when icing really "sticks" hard to the conductors. New design for better cutting efficiency, lighter and conductor friendly. Pulled by means of a pole, no long pulling rope required.

  • Tube to Knock Off Ice: extra glass fibre composition and a foam core for outstanding impact strength. Top end designed to accommodate another tool - e.g. hook for combined shaking down and knocking off, no tool exchange required.

  • Heavy-duty steel Saw blade with specially shaped teeth for excellent cutting efficiency. Additional blade attacks the bark and the bast of branches for a trouble-free cut.

  • Reduction to mount a tool directly on Insulating Section or on extending Centre Section.

  • Redesigned Base-cap with Spike for comfortable erection of long poles.

  • Carrying Case for easy transport and storage. Accessories for fixing on a car roof rack included.


Working Tools and Accessories

no. designation weight [kg]
3Sleeve with Joint0.45
4AAll-purpose Hook0.25
4B1De-icing Hook Long0.35
4B2De-icing Hook Short0.20
4CHook to Lift Conductors0.25
4DIce Scraper0.80
4ETube to Knock Off Ice0.40
7BBase-cap with Spike0.25
8Set of Accessories0.20
9ACase for Pole0.80
9BTool Bag0.20


For taller assemblies, for work under strong wind conditions and/or in difficult terrain it is helpful to use a control pole (e.g. sections T2.5 + C1.5) attached to a main pole by means of Sleeve with Joint (tool no. 3). This set also brings additional stroke power when knocking off glaze ice.

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