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This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.

    Sectional Poles
  • All tubular sections of a pole are made of a high-quality composite of epoxy matrix and woven glass fibres, mass-dyed yellow, sunfast.

  • Optimum composition of fibres for high strength and stiffness; but also for sufficient radial strength.

  • Excellent dielectric properties and a smooth glossy hydrophobic surface for easy maintenance.

  • Insulating section foam filled for improved safety, no water precipitation inside the tube. Special filling technology applied for better foam-to-wall adhesion, mechanically tested.

  • Insulating distance clearly defined by a hand guard and a red limit mark.

  • The rain rings provide additional protection when precipitation occurs, no water forming continuous paths along the length of the pole. Tested for leakage current under rain conditions.

  • Adjustable: choose the length you need and assemble only the required number of sections, save the weight! All interconnections are compatible.

  • Easy and quick assembling or disassembling, no tools required. Reliable double spring pins large enough to work even with gloves on.

  • Simple reinforced head for fast and sure fitting of any tool.

  • Marks on each section to help align a tool properly, especially when there is bad visibility.

  • Matter of course: routine tests per IEC standards performed on each Insulating Section.

Sectional Poles

no. type working length
total weight
T2.5 Top Section 2.5 51/32 0.8
C1.5 Center or Bottom Section
with Insert
1.5 51 0.8
C2.0 2.0 51 1.0
C2.5 2.5 51 1.2
I 36kV Insulating Section 36kV 2.5 51 2.0
I 72.5kV Insulating Section 72.5kV 2.5 51 2.2

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