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This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.


The poles are tubes of a cylindrical shape (C1.5, C2.0, C2.5), or a conical shape (T4.6, T4.6D). These are manufactured from a high quality composite of glass fibre and epoxy resin (GFK-EPX) of Western Europe production. This material excels in its strength and toughness (the tensile strength corresponds to that of high quality steel) at a very low specific mass (app. 1/4 of the specific mass of steel). The composite has been mass-dyed yellow, it is non-absorbent and its surface is ideally sealed. It is therefore not necessary to protect it with a coat. The base of the pole is protected against mechanical damage with a stainless steel ring.

The basic component of the set is a conical head pole T4.6. Its upper end is designed to allow supplementary tools to fit into it. This pole can then be made longer to reach the required length by adding one or more center poles C1.5, C2.0 or C2.5. Instead of the head pole, any of central poles can be used (C1.5, C2.0, C2.5), depending on the length that is required. In that case the insert should be fitted with a reduction 6 and then with a working tool.

The kit can be equipped with a supplementary control pole T4.6 and a sleeve 3A. It is advisable to use these when the main pole is longer than 9 metres, as it enables easier operation and multiplies the striking power, especially when knocking off a glaze ice accretion.

To assemble the individual pole, it is necessary simply to push in insert of one pole section into bases of the following pole section. To secure the connection against rotation or slip out, there are two spring pins. The connection is thus safe and reliable and the poles can be assembled and disassembled very quickly without using any additional tools.

Head Pole Designs

Conical Head Pole T4.6D is supplied as two-part pole. The parts are 2.2 and 2.4 m long. The connection of the parts is designed in the same way as the connections between other poles and therefore a pole can be assembled or disassembled quickly without using any additional tool. The advantage of this design is that all poles can be disassembled, accommodated and easily transported in the packet that is only 2.8 metres long, in Bag for Poles 9A.
One-part Conical Head pole T4.6 is nonstandard, but can be supplied if a customer wishes so.

Sectional Pole Parts

no. type working length
total weight
T4.6D Conical head pole, two-part 4.6 51/32 2.2
T4.6 Conical head pole, one-part 4.6 51/32 1.9
C1.5 Cylindrical center or bottom
pole with insert
1.5 51 1.1
C2.0 2.0 51 1.3
C2.5 2.5 51 1.5

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