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This kit for the maintenance of overhead power lines was developed especially for a variety of types of work related to operation and maintenance of lines. Tested for live working according to the EN (IEC) European standards.


3A Materials used for these tools are rust-resistant (stainless steel, bronze, eloxal coated duralumin and GFK-EPX). This ensures their long service life and cost-free maintenance. All tools (except 4E) have a carrier, which is a cylinder of 30 mm in diameter that is fitted with two spring pins. The carrier slides into the head of the pole T4.6 or into the reduction 6. The tools can then be replaced very quickly and the replacement does not require any assembly tools.

3 Sleeve with Joint to connect a control pole. It is to be mounted onto the main working pole in the height of 3.0-4.5 meters above the base of the working pole.

4A All-purpose Hook to pull branches, to extricate, to pull down constructions after fires, to carry out rescue work etc.

4B 4B Hooks to Shake Down Ice by forcing the conductors to undulate. Following our experience, this is the most effective way of mechanical de-icing with this kit.

4C Hook to Lift Conductors on brackets, to elevate light conductors etc.

4D Ice scraper proved successful especially with hard or wet-snow icing. The set includes tool itself as well as accesories for pulling. It requires two operators.

Tube to knock off ice. The tube slides onto the head of the pole T4.6. It protects it and at the same time increases the weight of the head of the whole kit.

4D 5A Saw to prune branches. The blade is made of heavy-duty steel. Its high productivity with minimum effort will draw your attention. The cutting edge attacks the bark and the bast of branches from underneath for superior cutting. Two cases cover the cutting edge and the teeth.

Shears and saw. The shears are equipped with a control cord and a lever mechanism that increases the cutting action 14-times and they make pruning up to 25 mm in diameter significantly easier. The saw can be used for thicker branches without changing the tool.

Reduction is manufactured from a fibre glass composite. It slides onto an insert of any central pole C1.5, C2.0 or C2.5. A pole with the reduction functions as a head pole. Any tool can be then mounted onto the reduction.

5A 7A Endcap, 7B Endcap with a spike.The base end of any assembly of poles has to be sealed and so secured against impurities. This is done with the help of an endcap or an endcap with a spike. The spike makes erecting a pole on a slippery ground significantly easier and it also increases its stability (for example when knocking off ice).

The set of accessories comprises 6 straps, 2 rubber clamps to fasten the kit onto a car roof carrier, 4 spare spring pins and a detailed product description with a user´s manual.

9A Case for Pole, 9B Tool bag.The case for pole has been designed to accommodate all disassembled pole part for easy transport and storage. The whole transport packet is only 2.8m long. The tools and accessories are to be transported in a handy tool bag (rucksack).

Working Tools and Accessories

no.designationweight [kg]
3Sleeve with Joint0.45
4AAll-purpose Hook0.25
4B1De-icing Hook Long0.35
4B2De-icing Hook Short0.20
4CHook to Lift Conductors0.25
4DIce Scraper0.80
4ETube to Knock Off Ice0.40
5BShears and Saw0.30
7BBase-cap with Spike0.25
8Set of Accessories0.20
9ACase for Pole0.80
9BTool Bag0.20

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